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Mar 30, 2006
Chesterfield, VA
Hi all. I wanted to post here to introduce myself. Im Chris, from Richmond, VA. I've always had an interest in fish and tend to go to aquariums whenever on vacation. With part of my tax money, I started a 20g. freshwater tank. We started with 6 neons, and are now at 5 neons, 3 glass, 3 Red Coral Platies, 1 guppy, 1 Gold and 1 Ivory Mystery Snails.

We did have 5 guppies, but one by one we found them dead with their fins eaten off. This was before we bought the 2 other glass fish and the platies. We thought it may have been the single glass going around picking on the guppies, but today we saw the guppy picking on one of the glass fish, so we figured hes a repeat offender.

Anyways, Im here to learn more about this wonderful hobby and so far have been having fun reading the other posts.
if you want to learn a lot try reading the stickies, they are good for learning about what to do when you start aquariums and a lot about general stuff
and this site is great for learning stuff, i started off not knowing anything really, i didnt know what a cycle and all taht but now thanks to the people here ive learned a lot so this is definetly the place to learn
Welcome to AA! I started out with zero knowledge and one betta. I have 10 tanks now, and about 180 fish! Looking forward to hearing from you on the forum!
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