Is it ok to add a bi-color blenny to my one month old tank?

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Oct 9, 2005
Will it suffer? I have already got a yellow tang, 10 chromis and an o.clown in this 132g tank. Plenty of liverocks you can see my gallery.

Future stocks to come in: a sleeper goby and a blue tang.

Will there be any compatibility issues? Also will crabs, mantis/pistol shrimps a threat to them since they are rock perchers?

Any comments will be very much appreciated.
Yeah, I was reading that too mel. You might be able to get away with a shrimp goby with a pistol shrimp...
Might not with a pistol shrimp it says it can attack invert.

But what about a goby? i really need goby to clean the sand for me. I don't want any crabs or snails.

If I have to choose, do I choose the blenny or the goby?
Hmmm, I think they mean it can possibly eat small inverts. I would say a pistol shrimp can hold it's own vs. a blenny.
If I had to choose, I would go with the sand sifter.
Ok I will not get the bicolor blenny then. Will get a sleeper goby.

What about rock perchers? Any other good suggestion that will be compatible with the goby?
Looked at the midas blenny? Stays up high and will most likely never encouter the bottom dweller gobies.

You think you got a mantis?

BTW, I'm still not sure why no bicolor. They stay up high in the rocks also and would rarely encounter sand sifters anyway IMO.
Yes there will be at least a few mantis in there. Will that cause any problem with the blenny?
The mantis shrimp can cause problems with your fish and inverts. How many manits shrimp do you have, or are planning to have? I believe those are best kept in a species only tank.
They are hitchikers!!! I never want them but couldn't get them out of the rocks. So I am in trouble.
weekf said:
They are hitchikers!!! I never want them but couldn't get them out of the rocks. So I am in trouble.
Yeah, they will probably kill most of your critters. Are you sure they are mantis? Can you get a pic?
Before I add in all the rocks in the first place, I saw a mantis in the rocks, then I took the rock out and flush it out with fresh water. well I only caught one. Since there are so many rocks, I bet there will be more in there that I haven't seen. But i can hear clicks all night long.
You sure they're not pistols? Is one front claw a lot larger than the other? If so, they're pistol shrimps.

Gosh, i hope you don't have multiple mantis shrimps - or any for that matter! If so, you need to do some research on traps and get busy. I'd think any rock or sand near the rock dwelling critter (fish, inverts) would be toast before long.
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