Is my brain happy?

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Nov 26, 2008
Hey everyone.

just added a brain to my tank today and wondering if what im seeing is a good sign.

heres some pics





more so that i have no idea what i should be looking for... in the picture is this "open" when i went to feed everything it seemed to schrunch the center of itself up... is this it eating?... is this good?

Usually they will expose feeding tentacles at night, but can be trained to open during the day. When they "scrunch" up it is a sign of irritation, but probably because it is new.
i attached two pics of what to watch for. make sure that there is no way for sand to get on it, gobies, whatever. also try feeding it stuff now and then. mines still hangin in there but worse than in the pics below.
Good Luck!


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anyone have a picture of a closed brain? is mine actually closed?

Your pictures show it open. You will be able to see parts or outline of the skeleton when closed/recessed. They should look "puffy", as if the tissue is swelled with water.
okay so its opened since i brought it home... when i put it in it almost looked like a cup .. my clowns seem to be trying to "host" it. laying on it and such... is this bad for it?

All depends on how the brain reacts. Sometimes it can benefit the coral because clowns will often bring food back to its host coral/anemone.
yours looks nice and healthy. they cant really close per say. they might just retract alot. my clown try'd hosting mine for a while when it was healthy, no ill effects, no positive.
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