Is my Green Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral dead

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Before you start adding anything, list off all that filtration again. We had a discussion earlier that you had some that were doing the same thing and want to ensure that you aren't just stripping things out of your system. Your water changes are weekly still? How much?
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In my tank i have,

NEO-THERM - 100W NEO-THERM Submersible Heater (Backup)

True Temp - 150W Titanium Heating

Innovative Marine - AUQA Gadget Skimmate Protein Skimmer Desktop running 24/7

Innovative Marine - AUQA Gadget Spin Stream Nozzle * 2

BRS 2 part doser 1.1 ML PER Minute dosing purple up 1 drop a day * 3 at 9 am 5 pm and 3 am

BRS 6 stage chloramines deluxe RO/DI System 75 GPD

BRS Reactor With MJ1200 PUMP running BRS deluxe GFO and Carbon

KESSIL - KESSIL A360W-E TUNA Blue LED Aquarium Light at 30 % intensity for moon light and 40 % intensity for day light

Innovative Marine - Minimax Desktop All-In-One Reactor running Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets

Quiet Flow 10 without the Carbon pack i replaced it with a filter suck that i clean every 3 days just to make the water clean

TUNZE Osmolator - Universal 3155 Auto TOP OFF

Vortech MP10 ES Propeller Pump set at 40% intensity
And i have a refugium with chaetomorpha on the side of my tank on one of the back chambers

As well as shaving brush plant and Red Mangrove Propagule
And the last thing is that i am dosing Korallen-Zucht Nano Power Package

ZEOvit Nano Power Package contains 10mL bottles of:

Coral Vitalizer
Pohl’s Xtra
Amino Acid Concentrate LPS
Sponge Power
Buy everything in my tank looks great he is the only one giving me problem. I will do that to see thank you
Understand that soft corals are a great indicator to larger issues coming. Running gfo and pellets is not only doing the same thing twice, but people have had issues when running them on their systems. Cut out more likely culprits and see where it goes.
check your calcium levels , leathers are sensitive to high levels
they also like a indirect med flow with just enough to move the water
leathers sometimes go dormant when they are about to shed , they do this more when stressed , they also like a indirect med lighting
My mushroom also looked like that before it died. I think it got too much water flow and then started dying from the size that got the most flow
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