Is she nearly ready to drop black molly other pic guppy

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Mar 21, 2024
East London
Are they ready to drop new to the hobby want to save the frys some one help please


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Sorry, can't tell from your pics. Need better close ups. That said, if you make sure you have a good amount of floating plants like Elodea, Hornwort, Java moss or similar, the fry will know to hide in them when they are born to avoid getting eaten. It's not going to be easy to rescue many fry if you have these fish in a community tank as fish fry are excellent food for any other fish. If you have a sperate tank you can put these females in with the plants, better to do this now than to move them closer to delivery as moving fish at that stage is very stressful on the females and can cause premature births, a ceasing of birth or even death of the female.

Hope this helps (y)
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