Is this Gourami OK?

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Oct 4, 2023
Me again ...

As noted in another post, I brought home 2 new honey gouramis yesterday.

One of them seems to be swimming around fine, but the other is sitting on the gravel (see pictured labeled "male"). Not falling over/tilting or anything, but just sitting there in a corner of the tank.

It's been in the tank less than 24 hours ... It was swimming around a bit earlier but now is generally either on the gravel, or behind a plant or behind the heater ...

Is this fish OK??

For reference, I did an approximately 25% water change a few hours before adding the fish, and dechlorinated with Prime. Also, I had to remove some of the filter floss as it was falling apart ... I likely lost a decent amount of beneficial bacteria at the time, although plenty of filter media remained.

I tested now and the measurements were as follows:

Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - not quite 0, perhaps 0.1? It's been 0 every time I've tested since it was cycled
Nitrate - 5-10

To be safe, I added a double dose of Prime and also a capful of Seachem Stability (I had some left in the bottle).

Is another water change necessary at this time?

Related question - if you compare these two pictures, are both of these male or one male/female? I asked the LFS for one of each but they said it's hard to tell the difference.

Thanks yet again!


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Gouramis are not fish that are in constant motion so I would not be concerned with the one on the gravel. The fish appears to be alert in the picture and as long as it's eating and not getting harassed by the other one, it should be fine.

It's harder to sex these color variants of Honey gouramis. Males have a more pointed dorsal fin on the tail end than a female. A female's dorsal fin will be more rounded. Natural honey gouramis are different colors as well as having the different dorsal fin. You can see this here:
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