is this light good

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May 30, 2008
Cen. Cal
im upgrading my light if the light has this in the title is it good
350W Metal Halide Bulb

i want to have corals and anemone?

i hear metal halide is good but i dont know if there's only one kind or more.
lmk asap
Is that supposed to be a link to something? It's not working if it is...I'm not familiar with a 350w bulb. They are usually 150, 175 250 and 400....
no its not a link but it has all those watts too i just choose the 350w so if i get the 250w it will be fine too.

all the bulbs im looking at is metal halide.

Is this a fixture with more then one bulb in it or is this a single bulb you are looking at. Where are you looking at it? Is this on the web or at a store somewhere? From the description I can't tell you if it is good or not. The wattage is fine for corals but that depends on how large your tank is. I need a little more information about your setup and the light to give you my opinion
You don't want to put that over your 30g tank. That is too much wattage for your tank and it is not the right color temp. You want to look for something in the 10,000 - 20,000K temp range.

My suggestion is to look on ebay for a fixture that will fit your tank. I'm guessing it is a standard 3' tank.
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