it said purple chromis.. but its not purple and it doesn look like a chromis...

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Mar 14, 2009
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ok I asked my LFS to order me some purple chromis, i have never seem them but they had a tank with purple chromis on it but they were out, just thinking of the regular green chromis, i figured purple would be a nice color to add to the tank. so when i went to get them, they look more like.. an anthia(hope i spelled that right) so i google'd purple chromis and they look like regular damsels like a really dark blue...anybody have any idea of what these are and their care, reef safe? im assuming they are reef save by body structure but you cant really go by that alone..for 6 bucks a piece, they werent a bad buy though.


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Well, Based on the website you copied the picture from, their docile, reef safe, and easy to take care of.
yea.. i couldnt get an actual pic of mine...but that ws the only site i found with this fish called purple not nad per say that i got two of these for 20 bucks, one of them looks like the picture but i think it is slightly stressed out from shipping and me picking it up. i found this pic and they look extrememly similar to the previous picture but these are waitei anthias
You got them for a great price. Wow...score i hope you bought more then one....
they only had 2 but i got both of them..bout 2.5-3 inches long one is looking realy stressed.. he has no color at all and is breathing fairly rapidly... hopefully he just needs to settle in.
Could be a purple pseudochromis ,,, questionably reef safe NOT invert safe
There are several species of Luzonichthys, and all are fairly similar in coloration. Do an image search on the genus (if you're sure that's what you have). However, I'm really surprised they would call Luzonichthys "purple chromis". I wonder whether there might be confusion with a damselfish called Lepidozygus tapeinosoma - they are superficially very similar to Luzonichthys and other anthiine serranids. I recently saw some in one of my local stores incorrectly idenitified as an Anthias. I've also seen them misidentified in research collections, so even professional ichthyologists can be fooled. Do an image search on the species and you'll see what I mean. (Note that they vary a lot in coloration, so check out a range of images.)

Sorry juice I was thinking about the price of a Luzonichthys that Tony was talking about. Anyway sounds like a couple of neat fish at a great price.
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