It's just like riding a bike! (New Pics)!!

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Nov 4, 2004
New York, NY (The Big Apple)
Once you've learned you never forget. Using this analogy, I decided to jump back in and I replaced my lost G. Rams yesterday.

I used a different method of acclimation. I feed the tank population while floating the bags and turned the tank lights off immediately after they found their way around the tank for a few minutes.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, pics will not be available until this evening (I'm at work...long story). But I did sneak a peek this morning and they seem fine.

Oh, I didn't stop at just the G. Rams. I also picked up a couple of corydoras julii! These guys were overdue and my new LFS had not had them until now. :D
Congrats!!! (y)
Also looking forward to some new pics of the rams and the tank, to see how it has evolved!!! :wink:
Well, here they are:

Three of the four Rams:



The Juhliis:

mattrox said:
WTG. I hope they work out really well.

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone. :D The fact is, not only do I pray that these guys stick around, I'm doing everything possible to ensure it.

On a side note: These guys are from a new LFS that Andy (QTOFFER) recommended. This store is absolutely fabulous! It's called Fishtown, USA. They do something quite get your fish and they ask you questions about your tanks...give advice on the good, the bad, the ugly...etc. Then, you pay at a dedicated register where the cashier also provides tips on acclimation, habitat, etc. I have never seen this done before and it was quite impressive. You had better know your stuff. :D

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