It's my lucky day!!! I now need some ideas!

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Jan 20, 2008

1) Yesterday, a friend told me he was gonna give me something like 20lbs of live rock! That's one good news!:p

2) 5 minutes ago, a guy called me asking if I would like to take his little 30 gallon fish tank (stand, heater, everything) for free. That's an other good news!

3)that tank I got for free is shaped like a cube and I was actually thinking at a tank like this for my next setup! That's an other good new!

4) I'll have to get rid of his stupid gold fish! That's an awesome news!

5) I think I am going to buy a lotery ticket!

So I am now thinking at setting up a new reef tank for cheap!

The only light I have here is a power compact 55w. I am use to much more light than that so I am now sure how good it will be.

I am trying to figure out what I could do with that system. I am open to any ideas you could give me to fill up this nice little tank.

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