I've got crabs

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Jan 23, 2009
Kelowna BC, Canada
I am kind of new to salt water fish, well I am brand new and am just setting up a new tank. I put in some live rock the other day, and later that night I was taking a look around and noticed a very small crab in there. As soon as I turned the light on to get a better look it disapeared into a crevice in the rock. I am hoping this is not too much of a bad thing. I am not sure of what kind it is, but it had black on it's pinchers and it looked a bit furry, and the main clour was white. It is about the size of my thunbnail. Does anybody know what type of crab this is and what I should do. I have no idea of how to get rid of this thing. It moves so fast and hides in the rock. I have only seen it 2 times in the last week and it was in different places each time so I have no clue if it has made an offiical home yet. I just do not want to start stocking with hermit crabs and fish and stuff and have this thing get big and destroy my tank and the marine life that I am going to ty so hard to keep. What sould I do??

set a trap of course! =D get a tall glass and put in a raw cocktail shrimp (ur in the cycle so this will be fine, beneficial for the cycle actually). tilt it up next to the rock and leave it there until you catch him, then if you have a refugium, you can put him in there or you can just try and give it to the lfs or give it to someone else with a refugium.
Good Luck!
I think I just got him out of there by pure luck. i noticed a worm hanging out on a rock and took it out for a better look and then saw that this rock has a crazy internal cavern system in it. i gave it a good shake and this dude fell out into the bowl.
maybe the pic will load this time, the worm is there to, i guess it looked lighter in the tank earlier, but you can still see the hairy legs. I hope that was all there was


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The worm looks to be a peanut worm, lucky for you!
That look to be an emerald crab to me. I could be wrong tho. I just so happen today to have been looking at one at a local reef store here. Beneficial to have but ugly to look at imo. heh
well it is gine anyway, and does the peanut worm do anything but hide out in the rocks. it is pretty long. I was looking at it and it is maybe 8-9 inches long. I could be wrong but it was wrapped around the tunnels in the rocks and it went quite far around
or shaking the rock works too sometimes i guess =p. lol. i also agree that it looks like it could be an emerald crab. beneficial but i also agree that they aint that pretty. i have one, hes pretty agressive, but he'll chicken out easy if it actually gets close to him. funny little guy to watch. big ego.
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