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Oct 23, 2003
Ah, the wonderful tales of Pluto... It seems he has not taking liking to my arrangement of plants, and the old gravel. I recently changed half of the tanks gravel for some play sand. A couple days later he has changed territories and decided the Buddah and Sand temple is now his. He watches Lemures (blue zebra cichlid) play in the sand and mimics him, not knowing how big he is he uproots plants and sends them flying, along with the newly destroyed heater, its like hes drunk and swimming at 100mph..... But now im scared to change the rest of the substrate in fear that he will destroy everything in his path... and i really dont want anymore rocks.. its such a beutifull (sp?) setup...
Heh, typical cichlid. Don't be surprised if they never appreciate the hard work you put into setting up a tank; they have their own ideas on what looks good and have the muscle to rearrange to their liking *grin*
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