For Sale: Java moss for sale

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Apr 27, 2011
Hello I have have java moss for sale $12 a cup with free two day air shipping with tracking number I will send it out Monday and you will get it wedsday ,this java moss is very clean and very green from my aquariums that use co2 injection

So pm if you have any question

I accept Paypal or money order

And you can also watch my videos in my aquarium that has the java moss in and if you look my aquarium is very clean and the plants very healthy so you know you are not getting some dirty moss from somebody's nasty tank

To see the videos go to yt an do a search for nyreps


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Your tanks, as shown on YouTube, are indeed very beautiful. I enjoyed all the videos. I'm hoping to make something almost that lovely for my students (and me) to enjoy in the classroom. As I am in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, do you think the air shipping would really be necessary? How should I set up this transaction on PayPal?


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