Jaw fish MIA

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Oct 14, 2003
Perry, Georgia
I got a yellow head jaw fish that has been MIA for about a week. I also have a skunk cleaner shrimp that is MIA. I think that they are fighting it out in the caves. Any ideas. All the fish are very compatible.
The shrimp may be molting and the jawfish may have jumped or died and been finished off by your clean up crew. I highly doubt the two would fight.
I've lost my jawfish too! I actually have a feeling he has taken up residency with my purplefirefish... I've checked the floors and I can't find a way for him to get out...
Jawfish are excellent jumpers. They can zero in on the tinyest gap in the hood or canopy and launch themselves through it. Not saying this is what happened to yours, but it's always a possibility when a jawfish comes up missing.
i have two that are well established in their homes and i all i have covering the tank is a jbj 48" light and 2 48" no covering my tank granted their in a 90 but have had them for over 6 months !! and never have they looked twice at cleaners ever !! i found that they love 1/2 small clam shells ya find on the beach i add a hand full every month and they continue to build up the entrance to their holes (mabe keeps them to busy to think about jumping hehehe) !! i have had them before and they jumped out (but my set up wasnt even close to what i have now :))) but with a nice bit of rock and no bullies messing with them or lights being shut off to fast they wont jump !! leave the 03's on after main lights go off for about 1/2 hour and the jawfish cover the holes with a half of a shell and gone for the night !! the more shells the better for these guys they start working with them right away !! pretty cool !! just my experience having them jump and now they happy and no probs !!!
Well turned on the lights in the tank this morning and guess who was out looking around.....mr jawfish. Still no sign of the cleaner shrimp though. I think he is a dead stick unfortunately. 0X
who ate my scotter, I have a hemit that attacks turbos, and then i have a hair lobster, blenny was just gone one day who's quilty
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