JBJ 28g HQI - skimmer suggestions

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Dec 28, 2013
Memphis tn
I recently purchased a JBJ 28g HQI that I bought off a guy for a great price; I'm in the process of cleaning off all the calcium build up from the recently used tank (just soak in some white vinegar and cleans up nicely), and replacing the moonlights. I plan on turning it into a coral reef tank with a few fish. I have a 4g innovative marine tank that I'll transfer over into this tank.

My question is that I'm looking for a decent protein skimmer that won't break the bank, will fit in the back part of the tank, and works well. I'm kind of leaning towards the innovative marine ghost protein skimmer since it's kind of hidden in the back and has some decent reviews.
I'm just looking for other people's opinion and other options if anyone has any.

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Hydor or Ghost are the only two I've heard that work in that tank I've been looking at the ghost myself :)

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Well I went ahead and went with the jbj 28g protein skimmer....

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