jebo R362 - help needed with setup

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Jun 14, 2008
New South Wales

We are not sure how to set up our new tank. It is a Jebo R362 but no instructions came with it. I know it's not rocket science but want to do it right. Can any one help?


Hi Jewel,
I did some google searching on your equipment. I found this tank for sale on some Australian websites and Australian Ebay. It seems as if it is not sold in the US. Can your lfs be of any assistance?

Here are some links I found:

Aquarium Supplies Australia :: Jebo R362 Complete Aquarium System

Jebo R362 Complete Aquarium System - Fish Tank - eBay, Fish, Pet Supplies, Home. (end time 25-Jun-08 23:36:58 AEST)

Maybe you could contact these sites/sellers and see if they can help. Is there a phone number for the manufacturer on the box anywhere? Maybe one of the sellers I linked can give you some manufacturer contact information.
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