Jessica's 110g Malawi Build

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Thank you! You too, sir :) Text me Dino!

Thanks! They are quite spoiled :)

Thank you :D I kinda thought I was too. Lol! Very good seeing your still around :)

Very well! Thank you!

The app is giving me all kinds of problems tho :( that was part of the reason I haven't been on too much... Living in the country has it's perks.... Service not being one of them LOL! I tried uploading tons of pictures last night but it only posted about 1/2, gonna try to post the rest now :)

LOVE your fish! Don't know the name of the fish, but what kind of fish is in the first picture? The fish that looks like a blue calico sort of (pleas forgive me, that was the only description I could think of!). And LOVE the picture of your albino BN!
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