July Saltwater Photo Contest

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July Saltwater Photo Contest

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Aquarium Advice Addict
May 16, 2002
Its time for the mid year saltwater photo contest. Can you all belive it? Its almost July. WOW!

ANyway we have some REALLY nice enteries this month and its going to make for a close poll im sure. Every vote counts to make your selection. Like allways the photos below will be given an alpha designation. Please reference this when voting. The voting will run until July 1st.

Good luck to all.
Photo A

First month I've had to seriously debate...WAY TO GO!!! Glad to see such an interest in the contest.
what is that thing in photo f and c/ the thing in c looks like a snail and the one in f looks like a coral of some sort but i have not clue what. oh are they little zoo on a clam or some thing?
Amazing shots! WOW! 8O i think i'll just close my eyes and click on one :D too hard to choose.
Fishfreaks name is on them because he posts them serving as administrator. The photos are not fishfreaks. The winners username is posted at the end of the contest.
yes me too. i have to make just a seahorse tank one day. i have a 12 tank that has nothing in it it might just have to be the new hone of some seahorse.
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