Just bought 90G tank, use their live sand and live rock?

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Jan 29, 2013
I just purchased a 90 Gallon tank today, and the seller gave me about 2" bed of live sand, and about 40lbs of live rock In a plastic container. He said they been in the container for about 2-3 weeks, with a thermostat and power head.

I don't have my RO-DI I ordered in yet, maybe today or tomorrow, should I try to get everything going, or let the hitchhickers die off, and start it all back up

I don't even have the salt yet ordered or anything

I was planning on taking another month to start it all up, but if I could use their live rock and sand, I'll try to keep it going
I'm very new, however when I started my SW tank I used my lfs water and live rock. So far so good. I've got a pair of Damsels in the tank with 6 hermits. Water is crystal clear and no readings that are way crazy, accept for the calcium which is off the charts. My end goal is a mini reef and I'm leaving my tank as is for the next month, then I'm gonna starting adding sps and going nuts... What are your concerns with the hitchhikers? And to be honest I don't understand the reference, can you explain?
I've read pro's and con's for using other people's live rock, sand, because you may end up with bad hitch hikers. Also I'm not sure if I can get everything up and running at least to keep the live rock and sand going, maybe, I just bought the set up today, but I still have allot to buy, set up, refrigum etc
Maybe just do what they did and put the LF and LS in a large bucket. Mr.X had a huge barrell in his garage with a ton (not literally) of LR under a light and 3 different powerheads at different depths to circulate the water. He was trying to use the light for heater as well... Maybe the lfs can house the sand and rock until you're ready to set up your tank?.?.?.
Ok, maybe ill do that. I have 55G trash cans I was going to use for the
RO-DI water, so maybe for now, I'll buy some premixed water and put everything in the buckets with power heads going and a heater, I have T5 lights ill leave over the bucket

Maybe that will keep everything going for allotted bit till I get the stand set up, tank etc, then I could transfere the water etc over to the tank, until I get the sump going etc
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