Just got new lighting... All I can say is WOW! Schedule?

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Oct 1, 2004
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I bought the 24in Orbit 24 hour reef lighting set... WOW! I have only ever had NO and often multiple strips to bring my watts up. I didn'y really know what I was missing all these years!!

It's been like Christmas waiting and waiting (ordered them through a guy on ebay, saved $150 over my LFS)...Last night the hubby called to tell me UPS came and I flew home to get them up... 1st I had a hard time getting the legs on, sliding them through the slots was slowww, then, I got it up and thought the moonlights were not working... no pretty blue sparkling in the water... then I gave up, said forget it for the night, I turned everything off to go to bed and when the room lights were off Lo And Behold.... MOON LIT GLITTERY WATER! lol... Now that is some prettttty stuff! Now I can not decide which which way I prefer my tank... LOL... It's great...! Now I need fish! crabs & snails! Coral! :)

So on timers, how do you all schedule them... How long do the actinic stay on in the am and pm alone when they lights are about to come on and go off?

This is so cool! :)
I run this schedule:
Actinic's: 8:00-20:00
10,000K: 9:00-19:00
Moonlights: Always On
General rule is a schedule of 12 hour - Actinic, 10 hour - 10k and moon either 24/7 or reverse 12 of the actinic. I run the moon lights 24/7.
i use orbit too. mine is 36". love it!
12 hrs actinic, 10 hrs 10k. 12 hrs moon lights. i am using the coralife digital power center. once the actinic on, the moon light will be off. plug another digital timer to the power center for my 10k
What if you cant control when they come on and off. When I turn my light on both the 10,000K and the atintic come on. I have no moonlights.
Cooltankmate.. Yeah They are great! I am getting the same set up, only longer, for the big tank as soon as we are ready to set it up... They are great!!! I'm very very happy with my choice, I went back and forth over and over with which brand etc...

H8z, I think it is just an option with some lights and not with others... I don't think it matters really... I was going to post on your new aquascape on the other thread, but I will tell ya here, looks good! :)
Thanks a lot I am getting 45 more pounds here pretty soon so it will look even better when I get it in! I am happy with it.
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