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Dec 30, 2014
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Hello Everyone,
I'm almost completely new to the fishkeeping hobby, I raised a couple of mollies once when I was a kid, no gravel, full of algae, a mess. But that's about it for experience.
I recently saw a great deal on a sixty gallon ensemble an I felt quite ambitious so I went ahead and bought it.
I did a lot of research (you can tell by my username I got the cycling concept), bought 2 filters, a heater, gravel, dechlorinator, janitorial ammonia, ammonia/ph/nitrate/nitrite liquid tests. I'm starting the fishless cycle now.
I hope that I can learn a little here and some more by experience and soon be able to share my "fish wisdom" with the next newcomers.
Two quick questions- http://www.aquariumadvice.com/forums/showthread.php?t=326727

Thank You,
Ammonia Muncher
Oh, forgot to mention, its freshwater, I don't plan to add fish till it is completely cycled. I thru away a small "bacterial supplement" after reading forum posts around the web.

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Hi, welcome to the forum :)

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Hello welcome, if you need advice you're at the right place!

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