Known reason for a frogspawn to die ?

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Aug 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada

I have a frogspawn since 7 months.
I started the hobby since 8 months (rocks were already cycled).

The frogspawn is now dead...

It was placed near a torch coral (same water flow and lighting), but the torch is still in great health. I don't understand why my FS is dead, it was not touching any corals, etc. Do hermits eat FS ?

In the old time, water parameters were fluctuating a lot as I was a noob. Now I use Red Sea Coral Pro Salts, my params are:

I would say this is the only coral feeling bad now. This is a zoa dominated tank, with a lot of zoa pox (lol), mush and a duncan. Can dinoflagellates explain this death ?

Any idea ?
If the dinos were smothering the coral, yes. The fluctuations could have done it...though if my memory serves me correctly that most of your posts are about an issue of some sort. It sounds to me like there is something going on that isn't being addressed.
In terms of the hermits, they should only be picking and cleaning up dead tissue.
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