LEAR Swap 2014

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Nov 16, 2012
Every year we have a Frag swap in norther Ohio sponsored by Lake Erie Advanced Reefers. Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts asso. do one as well and that will be in May, just wanted to show you some of the stuff I got. If you are ever in the northern ohio area during this time come stop by as its a great time. We had over 1200 in attendance is a 9600 sq foot area. Swaps are a great time to spend with to a of coral and amazing prices. Ill post some tank pics when I get them in later.ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1393108012.863833.jpg

-The Goodies-
Unknown wrasse
HUGE Orange Linkia Star
Ponepe birdsnest
ORA Red planet
Yellow Birdsnest
Orange fungi plate
6 head torch
3 head green tip frogspawn
Mini colony Bali green Slimer
Long tentacle blue plate
Orange pavona colony
Red Dragon
4 Iron man Shrooms
Blue tipped Staghorn
Mini colony Hawkins Enchiata
Regular 3 head frogspawn
Green birdsnest
2 assorted gorgonians

And i payed $200 for all
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