Lemonpeel Vs, Coral bueaty

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A partial water change is completed by syphoning out water and detritus or anything else that can be releasing toxins, and replacing that quantity of water with the same amount of fresh saltwater. Most people let the new batch of saltwater aerate overnight.

During your cycle test frequently. Ammonia feeds the bacteria that will convert ammonia into nitrite. Then bacteria will form that feed off of nitrite. You should see a slight drop in ammonia and a rise in nitrites at this point. Then the bacteria that feeds off of nitrate will convert it into nitrates. You will then see a drop in both ammonia and nitrate, and a spike in nitrate. Then and only then should a pwc be performed. There isn't a bacteria that feed off of nitrate but algae sure as heck do. Pwcs help keep nitrates at low to undetectable levels.
i will follow it
stocking looks as follows
2 ocelarris ( 1 orange 1 b and w)
1 coral bueaty ( i know)
1 dottyback
small cuc including shrimp hermits and snails
Kio707 said:
Your right... My bad for that advice. I thought about it after I wrote it. Been up since 430, time to lay it down... Lol.

I hear ya, I got 4 hours of sleep the past two nights. And I just posted that no bacteria feeds off of nitrate but algae do...Cyanobacteria, or blue green algae is a photosynthetic bacteria...so bacteria does feed off of nitrates...I think we all need sleep.
no biggie on the mis info, happens to all of us , thanks everyone and good night, talk to you tomorow
IME royal dottybacks are usually really aggressive in small tanks. Just a heads up
My reef is like a downtown street corner. It's pretty rough territory. And one of the toughest is one of the littlest, a purple dotty back.
zacheyp said:
what does everyone else think about the dottyback
I'm really not trying to be rude, but shouldn't you learn about aquariums first before you try to add anything? It seams like you are new to this hobby, so why don't u get easy beginner fish and learn slowly before you get into more complicated stuff?
do i need to cycle the water for a pwc

There is no such thing as cycled water. As mentioned above the nitrifying bacteria resides on surfaces. LR, substrate and tank glass to mention a few. That article would answer a whole lot of your questions.
i uneerstand you arent trying to be rude but look how many questions i have asked and how long i have been on the forum
You will be more successful in your hobby if when you ask a question, you heed the advice. And be patient.
A dotty back is a very mean fish it can stress out other fish the point of causing disease. Nipping and biting can cause an open wound that will cause infection.

The fishyou would like to have isn't a good combination even in a larger tank. I tried to put a lemonpeel in with a royal gamma and a clown fish in a 55 gallon tank. In less than a week I had to put him in a tank I was planning to sell. The royal gamma hid and the clown was constantly being beat up. I thought a week was to long for it to go on but trying to get it out took a lot more work than I could have done before work.

I like to think of it this way you have a 3 bedroom home everyone has their own space and you decide to have 2 more people move in. The stress alone with only one bathroom is enough to cause a fight. People I will only have one fish in the tank and it might be a clown in a 5 gallon tank which I have seen done but that is like saying ok you are a size 10 I want you to wear a size 5 underwear. Think about how long it will take you to get crabby and want to rip them off.
I love it when ppl come on the forum to ask questions when their mind is made up.

Dottyback in a 20? BAD idea
ANY angel in a 20? BAD idea

You will get what we are saying when you either have a fish killing another or an outbreak of ich.

This hobby is akin to a marathon - slow, calculated and ever-evolving along the way. I've been in it for more than 10 years and still learn new information.

Get a few books, do more research, write out a plan. You're working with a very small tank that makes things that much harder. You seriously need to consider hardier, beginner fish and really think about comparability. In your 20, keeping the stability of your waters going to be a challenge and you don't want more trouble with fighting and stressed out fish.

Just my 2 cents.
which fish would you reccomend, i am open to ideas
zacheyp said:
which fish would you reccomend, i am open to ideas

Go to liveaquraia.com... Click on marine fish, click on beginner sw fish. U can even put in ur tank size.
it said dotty and clowns are ok, angel is only issue
zacheyp said:
i uneerstand you arent trying to be rude but look how many questions i have asked and how long i have been on the forum

Ok, OBVIOUSLY we don't know crap! U have been on this forum for 3 weeks and have roughly 200-300 post. Wow, I don't even know why people are writing here when you totally disrespect all of our suggestions! You have an answer to everything, you are rude AND u I wish you the best of luck on killing and stressing out your fish

I hope you understand that I am upset because you are dealing with ALIVE creatures that have feelings and needs. Some species are endangered and if people like you dont start to think what they are doing it's gonna be more and more.
We are not giving you advice to be mean, we r trying to help. You treat our knowledge like crap. I have been doing this for 3-4 years and still learn a lot!!!

... Ugh I know I'm gonna get in trouble but it's time somebody says something
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