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Nov 14, 2006
Roswell, GA
OK, I'm getting ready to do a 75 gallon reef here in the home. I have designed the stand/canopy (for the most part), but this is going on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. I am seriously leaning towards running almost everything in the reef HOB. I want to have a refugium that I would also like to HOB (I need a pod supply for a few planned fish). I am deathly afraid of a leak or pump failure that would drain my tank into the apartment below.

Yet, I want to maximize my water volume to increase my fish options, and having my heater, skimmer and filter out of the main is an attractive thought. I am doing everything on this myself (and yes, there will be lots of pics in the DIY section) but I have never dealt with aquarium plumbing before. Am I crazy to be scared of a 10 g sump and a 10 g fuge in the stand with a canister filter? my head hurts just trying to comprehend what I would need for water transport in such a setup.

I mean, I'm a total plumbing noob. are there any links you guys can share where I can read up on this?
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