Light Upgrade Suggestions for 46Gal Bowfront

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Jan 18, 2006
Santa Cruz, CA
Hi All,

I've had my 36" Coralife Lunar Aqualight™ with 1-96 watt Actinic and 1-96 watt 10,000K Compact Fluorescent Lamps on my 46 Gallon Bow Front Tank for a little over 2.5 years now and I'm considering a lighting upgrade.

I've been pretty happy with the Aqualight, and have had success with some Mushrooms (Hairy, Polyps, Ricordea, etc), Leather and Zoa's but am thinking about bumping up the light to start considering some other types of corals, maybe an anemone, and ???. I'm NOT going to go bigger on the tank size, my bulbs on my Lunar Aqualight are needing to be replaced in the next 30-60 days anyhow, so I thought now might be a good time for an upgrade.

One last item that might or might not matter, I don't have a Canopy yet and have my current lights mounted on Legs above the tank (over the white "egg-crate" lighting grid stuff that I've cut to fit the tank opening). I have no way to "Hang" anything above, although would eventually like to find a Canopy that fits/matches.

Any Suggestions on where I should start? I know there are various options HQI, MH, T5, with a wide range of prices...

I was looking at maybe the "Nova Extreme PRO" 36"...although there appears to be a lot of discussion about the stock bulbs being just "OK, and people are swapping all over the place?

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