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Jun 3, 2008
hello, i'm the new guppy in this pond and i need some help with a lighting problem:

i run a 331mm (13") 10W T8 flourescent tube and it has burnt out the pcb after about a year.
it blew the fuse once before but i replaced it with the correct replacement so it wasn't that that caused the meltdown.

i would rather not try to find a new pcb if i can help it ; I would prefer to run the tube from an external power supply to stop this happening again.
the problem is, i thought all flourescent tubes needed a starter and i can't find the one in my tank.

the suppplier ( is no help at all.

can anyone advise me how to rectify my problem?

thanks in advance,
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Welcome to AA!

What brand light fixture is this with a transistor in it? I believe a T8 bulb is just a normal output fluorescent bulb. Anyway, not all bulbs need a starter. RS (rapid start) bulbs do not need a starter to fire. I wired my VHO's and reg. fluorescent bulbs. 2 wires on the ballast get plugged into the wall and 6 wires go to the 2 bulbs (wiring may vary depending on bulbs and ballasts). There is no transistor involved.
thanks for your rapid response.
there is s a code on the board ; KE10W-12V-1.
the board has the following items on it:
2 x 2way screw connectors
4 x diodes (i assume the bridge rectifier)
2 x large brown resistors
2 x small wire wound resistors
2 x transisor things (although they may be voltage regulators but too much damage done to read)
1 x transformer
1 x large black thing (possibly a coil).

i am guessing that this is some kiind of smothing circuit for the ac / dc conversion.

if you know of a rapid start set-up that i can use to replace this junk, please advise me.

thanks again,
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