Lighting fixture Question

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Ben K

Aquarium Advice Activist
Nov 15, 2006
Ontario, Canada
I bought a canopy set and I am having trouble determining how many watts the current bulb is or how many watts the canopy itself can take.

It's a "Perfect a Lite" made by Marineland for a 20G L.

Any help?
Are you trying to find a replacement bulb? And dont know the wattage of the fixture it can handle?

I am getting equipment to set up a 2 wpg planted tank. I doubt the default (the bulb that came with it) bulb is sufficient enough for a 20G L tank, though it's hard to tell as I can't even tell how many watts the default bulb itself is.
If it is a standard 30" fixture to designed to fit on the 20 gallon long (as well as the 29 gallon) tank with a single bulb it is probably a 20W lamp. The ballast in the fixture probably won't drive bulbs of any higher wattage unless you replace it. There are a number of plants IME that will grow under the amount of light you have including various crypts, dwarf rosette swords and several anubias.
How would I go about replacing the ballast? I am assuming that's the small "fuse-like" thing that you can screw out, roughly the size of a jar a enamel paint for car models? Is there any way of telling how many watts my current ballast will handle?
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