Lighting for a 10g nano

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Jan 4, 2009
Put live rock in yesterday and need to get new lighting. I haven't decided on what coral I will be putting in the tank yet but I want to make sure the lighting will be enough with whatever I do decide. I am wondering if this will work:

T-5 Aquarium Lighting: Nova Extreme T-5 Fixtures w/Lunar Lights

I was reading on another site that they recommend the 24" fixture rather than the 18" because you have many different bulbs to choose from. This spring I may get my brother's 90g tank and if I do it would most likely be a FOWLR. Would these lights work on that if I buy another 24" fixture? Would I be able to house any corals in the 90g with those lights?


Also, let me know if I can get away with less light/less expensive light, trying to be on a budget.
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