Lighting my 125 gal reef

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Jan 2, 2006
I am going to put 3x175 10-15k MH with 220w of VHO or 2x96w of PC
plus 2-3, 72inch 65w normal output atinics for sunrise sunset probably 2 hrs in the mourning and two hrs at night with the normal output lights.
I plan on keeping SPS coral along with other coral, etc. that won't need as much light.
Does this sound like a goo combination. Its about 6-7 watts per Gal. Depending if I leave the normal output on with the rest. Is this a safe amount of watts per gallon for SPS corals. This tank is not set up yet.
IMO why bother with the VHO or PC day light? just get higher Watt on MH then u should be good. I belive to get that kinda VHO is kinda same price as upgrading all 3 of ur MH and personaly i am not a fan of PC, it gives u nothing but trouble especially when u need to change bulbs,way too expensive and not worth it.
The more lights u have the more complicate and the more time and money u gonna spend on them.
If u just get 3x 250W MH for example u get better reasult and u won't have the whole big chunk of lighting system on top of ur tank. U always need to change light bulb every few months or so, by few depend on wat type, MH usually last longer.
I have already bought two 175w ballast kits on ebay. Today as a matter of fact. I want one more. should I go 250w with the number 3 or higher?
first ur color text made my eyes hurt, second u can go for higher Watts of MH for the last one and ignore the VHO/PC still. The thing is you can leave those most light demanding coral right under the higher watts MH and let the less demanding one under the less watt MH. The watts / g is just a way to show those ppl who like to deal with equations,however, it doesn't tells u the whole story. It is no need to put that in the first place when consider buying lights.
IMO you will need some or VHO in order to get a nice color balance in the tank. Guys in my club have MH and they all have vho or pc for the actinic color balance in the tank. MH are nice but they give a bright white color and you need to actinic to bring out some of the colors. JMO.
You also want all lights to have the same watt MH bulbs.... Otherwise the look won't be the same across the tank. 3 total MH lights is a good number on a 125.
Thanks seaham358 I don't want the big change in light in one place to another so, I am going with 3x175 with VHO, or PC as atinic. In your opinion what is better VHO or PC. I feel T12 VHO, because you get a few more watts for the money, and I can get them in 72inch so I will only need one ballast for two bulbs to cover the length of my 125gal.
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