Lighting - Please Help.

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Steven A

Aquarium Advice Addict
Feb 27, 2005
I am adding lighting to my s/w tank. I just want to know what the effect would be if the floursecent light tube was switch on (8 hours a day) and was touching a glass hood that covers the tank so no water is lost due to evaporation.

Images below..
The light should be fine, looks like it’s still slightly off the glass from the end caps. Is your tank totally sealed or just that part with the glass top? I’d think water evaporation would be inevitable with or without the top. Plus if totally sealed up you may have co2 issues.
Not toally sealed the adges are not covered or the corners it is just to reduce the amount that is evaporated with the tank being so small lol. So the lighting should be fine :) . Thanx
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