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Oct 20, 2008
Still looking to fin d the right light for my tank. I have an 'All-Glass' 24" reflector right now with a 15 watt fluorescent. WOuld I run into any trouble just by swapping out my current reflector with Coralife Freshwater Aqualight- 24 ?
Or would I have to get a different hood to accommodate this light? I dont think my current reflector matches the 5" width dimension of this PC strip, but not sure if I can just drop the new one on top in place of the old one.
I have been there before, Im just unsure if it will fit right onto my hood in place of my old reflector. The way I understood it was that the "kits" are the actual lights/reflectors and you have to build your own "enclosure"?

Im really just looking to be able to pull off m yold light and put a new power compact fluorescent on top. If need be I will replace the entire hood, I just want to figure out what my options are.
Anyone have anything to help out? Recap: Have a 24" hood with light. Light sucks. Want a power compact fluorescent fixture. Can I just replace the light, if so, with what? If not, what kind o hood can I get to accommodate a 24" power compact setup?
I think you should email AH Supplies for their take.

You can in theory fit a retrofit kit into any canopy that has room, but I can see problems trying to attach a kit to the plastic hoods ... there is no where you can screw the parts to .... It would be pretty unlikely to have the kit fitting your old light exactly so that you can use existing mounting points. But do check with the kit maker to see if they offer a solution.
Yeah that was what I was thinking. I kind of want to go with an ah supply setup, but want a hood to place it on that has a lift-up lid. Has anyone done this?
I built my own canopy with enclosed light. It is pretty simple project with basic woodworking tools & skills.

This has some ideas on the designs:
Aquaria Central > DIY > Aquarium Canopies

Mine is more or less design "E" although I built it with an open back for ventilation & a sloped front lid made out of Plexiglass. Since I also built my own stand, I made the canopy to match.
Custom made hoods are always a possibility but I have also had good success with the PC kits in my existing hoods. I would specifically give somebody like AHSupply the dimensions of the light strip on your current hood and ask them point blank if their kit will fit. So far they have been able to fit my hoods nicely with upgrades that looked very nice when I was done mounting them.
Yea I guess im leaning towards retrofitting my old All-Glass aquarium hood, its the one for 20 gallon high's....Im pretty sure their kit will fit it.
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