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Sep 9, 2004
I just got a new 90 gal and would like some suggestions on lighting. I'm really leaning towards VHO but have heard great things about T-5. My question is this, which is best for light output? I've read that T-5's actually put out more light than VHO I'm just not sure I believe that. I understand that T-5's may be more effeicent but for actual light output VHO should be better. Am I wrong?

Thanks for any help.

There have been many awesome advances in lighting technology since VHO was introduced. While T-5 has smaller tubes, they also have smaller wattages and many would argue that the lighting is better. VHO in 4ft lengths are 110 watt and IMO has better light output. Again, that poses a debate on any forum... This is JMO. I would do more research as to the spectrums and intensity before making a decision....

Also, you may want to look into the possibility of MH lighting and just supplement with VHO, T-5 or PC.
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