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Aug 19, 2003
I just upgraded my lighting system I was using Vho lights. Now I have a fixture with
2 PowerPaq 150 w 10,000 hqi metal halide.
2 Sunpaq 130 w dual actinics
6 moon lights

How high above the tank should fixture hang?
Should I have the Metal Halide and actinics at the same time?
Fixture has a built in fan and came with 2 timers. All the instructions said was I could put the moon lights on a separate timer.


I`m still using VHO`s so I cant help you but I`m going to move this to the appropiate forum.
I run all of my lights at the same time. I used (and some folks still do) to run my actinics 30 mins before and after lights on/off. I had a few power outages and it reset everything, so I just run the all at once.
On my 125G I have my lights hanging about 5.5-6 inches above the tank. I think it is about 6-7 inches above the water line. I would wait for other's advice as well.
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