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Feb 24, 2013
I have a 48" coralife and I notice my one bulb crapped out and I think my other one may be on the way out as well. I have t5 ho lights and they are super acitinic, power glo, marine glo and the unknown is blown. My question is what is the best lights for my 4 light system. I think my super acitinic may be going as well. What could the unknown light be?
What kind of tank, and what are you trying to grow? If FW, what types of plants, if SW, reef or FOWLR, and if reef, what kinds of coral?
It is saltwater and I want to set it up for coral down the road
2 actinic, and 2 white (marine glo or power glo) will allow you to grow some low light coral. It will probably not provide enough light for most anemones. For that you would need to look into either LED lighting, or metal halide.
I think I figured out the one that blew on me was a coralife bulb so what your saying is I should buy another acitinic
How old are the bulbs? T5HOs are only good for 6-12 months for growing coral, even if the lights are still "working".
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