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Apr 9, 2009
Central FL
I am new to the forum. Joined as part of researching diy subjects. I am building a stand/canopy for a 75g. In this research I have discovered some info that might be useful to others. My tank will be F/W community tnk. I have some FL light fixtures I savaged from a construction site. So I was interested in how well they would do in an aquarium. (This may be old info).
I have standard tube flourescent bulbs. F15T8/D. They are rated at 6500 Kelvin. This is supposed to simulate sunlight at noon. One article said a F/W tank needs 55-6500K. S/W Needs 10000k. One idea proposed to me was to use spiral CF bulbs to save space and weight. Spiral CF that I have found only rate at 25-3000K. This would seem too dim for any aquarium except maybe a small one with only a couple fish. This is interesting to me and thought it might be good info to share.
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