live rock acclimation?

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Guess what! Along with my shoulder I have acquired chicken pox, most likely from our a kid on our team who recently had shingles. So with shoulder and this I have plenty of time to do research. What sort of things should I look into?

Purchasing refracto, What else (test kits, etc) should I purchase for the well-being of the aquarium?

Crabs are appearantly very hardy.....I haven't killed them.
Hermit crabs have shed there exoskeleton, is there anything i can do to help them get back to normal. Should the exoskeletons get left in the aquarium or be removed?

If I were to want to drill ahole in the back of the tank how would I go about it?(glass)
I would just leave the molts honestly unless you cant stand them then you can just pull them out .. They will return to "normal" once thier exoskeleton hardens in a few days ... I would not drill if it is filled and perhaps you can take it to a glass cutter that will do it for just a few bucks ... Sorry bout the pox they suck feel better soon :)
mayb i will buy a new one and have it drilled and move everything into that, shouldn't be too hard. I hope that very soon i can add a refugium with some kind of macro algae to help with my 20ppm nitrate
So how is the tank doing pph? I live in omaha and i always hit petland here. Like you said. Awesome frag tank.
for now its doing good, i want to switch stands so that could be complicated. think i will just drain most of the water and move it fast. hopefully someday i will be able to get some coral there, but that will take alot of time and work. what do you think of petland and their service?
great service. Talk to james when you go.. make sure its mon-thur. The others that work in the dept are a little rude. Their frag tank just suffered a crack and they lost most of their corals but should be fixed in the next week or so.. they have a 30% off corals for the ones that are left.
I noticed that, ended up picking a few out for cheap. How long was the frag tank there before it cracked?
I was told by james that he would order something i wanted but, i have never used that before. I am thinking of buying something soon that they don't normally stock so maybe soon i will try that out
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