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Jul 14, 2009
i bought 2 green spotted puffer fish 2 weeks ago and during that time i added instant ocean everday, i now have the desired salinity and was wondering about live rock. The tank is only 20 gallons so no large pieces of rock can be placed in there. im looking at buying around 20 -30 pounds. my question to all of you saltwater freaks, is what website have you had success with ordering from?

O and is base rock acceptable too because i was looking at marcos rocks (website) and they featured a 15lb dry base rock product?
nothing insanely expensive either looking for a price range between 25-75$
All depends on if you want cured live rock or base. For base, IMO Marco is the man. For cured live rock you're probably looking at 4-5/lb after shipping. Not sure where you're from but check out craigslist and reef central too.

Not sure how familiar you are with you choice of livestock. Check this out ----> GSPsArt
whats the difference between cured and uncured? can cured be put directly into my tank?
Ideally yes, but unless you buy it locally and transport it quickly submerged in saltwater and place it in the tank immediately then you'll probably have some die off which places it in the uncured category. If you have it shipped it most certainly should not be placed directly in a tank w/ livestock.

I'd suggest soaking and and all rock for at least a day or 2 and taking ammonia readings to be sure
I have marcorocks the thumbs up. I bought my BR from him and it was great! As already stated, you don't want to put in uncured LR into your tank with livestock. You may want to look in to buying a tub and curing it in there before adding to tank with livestock.
Hey.. just asking but.. you didn't add the salt directly to the tank with the fish in there right? You mixed it with water first right?
correct zero. i followed directions like a good boy lol
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