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May 24, 2005
Birmingham, AL
Ok I just started a new tank and got algae under control. In order to grow purple algae I was told to make sure you add alot of calcium. However, I have learned that calcium effects alkalinity and PH alot. Can anyone please explain this in detail? I can find alot of getting started stuff on forums, but nobody has explained the once you are started method. If I am looking at only having fish, crabs, shrimp, mushrooms and other basic inverts what should I add / test for? I test the amnia, nitrate, calcium and nitrate regularly. Anyone mind giving their normal testing/additives that has a successful saltwater tank? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!
That algae you're talking about is called "Coraline Algae." To grow this in your tank, you must do several things.

-Dose your tank with calcium (Test for it)
-Keep your Alkalinity up (Test for it)
-Seed your tank with Coraline via liverock
-Buff your tank's PH

It's hard to find a place to even start explaining additives for the tank. Talk to the LFS about it, and read as much as you can.

I test for

I've noticied that my Coraline grows best when my Calcium and Alkalinity is up. I also use two different products "Coraline Stimulator," and "Purple Up."

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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