Looking for fans to go in canopy

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Feb 28, 2007
I have 2-175w MH and 2-110w VHO lights. I want to install three fans in my canopy, two to blow cool air in and one to pull hot air out. I'm looking for the following suggestions:
1. The type of fans I should look for and why.
2. Where they can be purchased.
3. Where in the canopy to install each of the three and reasons why.

I appreciate all responses.
Do a search on yahoo or google on which fans and why. Also check online for prices on fans and if you can wait buy them their. I bought some 12volt fans at Radio shack to keep two pumps I run for my sump cool and to keep them from shutting down in the summer time because of over heating.
You can purchase the PC fans at radio shack of search online (ebay) where they'll likely be cheaper.
I have exactly the same setup that you mentioned....I use 3 fans that I got on Ebay...the 80mm were $0.99 each and the 120mm was $4.98. They are 12v fans so they are very very very quiet and they work very well.


I noticed you have the fans with the LED lights on them. Have you adjusted the LED to point downward into the tank? If not do they provide enough light to see into the tank at night?
Because there are 4 LEDs on the 2 fans there is enough light the way they are positioned to light the tank up a little at night. I've though about turning them but I don't feel like messing with it anytime soon....
I saw that Coralife (and some other brands, just checked Drs. Foster & Smith's website) are selling what look just like PC fans - but with a nice, normal plug on them if you don't like the DIY wiring aspect. :) Definitely more expensive than a cheap PC fan, but.
If you buy a "marine" brand name fan you will PAY for it. I've looked...the ones I have I paid a total of $12 for all 3 including shipping. Of course I did have to do a little DIY to get them wired up but with an adapter that produces 12v and about 15 minutes I had all 3 fans running.
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