lr in cannister filter

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Feb 24, 2005
i recently ditched my hob filter and got a fluval 204 for my 55g, it has 3 chambers(trays), i put activated carbon on the button ceramic on the middle ,and the top layer is empty would be be beneficial to put lr rubble in the top chamber? or maybe perhaps put lr on all chambers? i have about 15 lbs of lr in my closet that wouldnt go fit in my tank i could bust up for rubble
Since you have plenty of LR in your tank, I would recommend getting rid of the ceramic in the canister. LR rubble is a perfect medium for a canister IMO. I have the 304 and 4 chambers are packed with rubble and the bottom has carbon. I plan on removing the carbon this weekend and filling one more chamber with more rubble. I'm going to leave one empty in case I need to add some type of filter medium to it, i.e. phosphate sponge.
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