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Oct 1, 2004
Is there anywhere I could buy 1 pice of LR 7-12 inches? That is all i need and have room for in my tank. TIA
Just call Mike or Zack at and tell them what you want. They will find a peice of LR that will blow your mind.
We can get just about any rock size you like, just back from a dive in the keys so have quite the selection to find a piece.
Could I buy 1 pice? I didnt know you would ship such a small quanity? I am looking for 1 pice 7-10 inche long with an intreasting shape. i also did not get any hitchhikers on the lr i have now. if i were to get 1 pice of golf rock would it have hitchhikers? thanks!!! :D
we will ship anything you like. The rock will have life of course, i will pm you later with what i find.
I think shipping is usually between $40-50 depending on location. I think they have bundles on their website stating how much rock and a price shipped to your door.
Unfortunately shipping isn't cheap because they have to get it to you quickly, and it's heavy. For my rock (which comes on Wednesday...I'm really excited), it is 10 lbs gulf/keys mix shipped overnight for around $85. Well worth the price though, I expect.

Sometimes places will run free shipping sales, and a lot of people on eBay offer rock with free shipping, still running $2-3 a pound. I think it might be uncured, but doesn't really matter - after shipping you'll still have to recure it..
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