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Jun 17, 2017
New guy here but have been keeping fish for a couple yrs. only have the two tanks at the moment. My main 1 is a 150lt which hosts a range of community specimens including a range of bristle nose cat fish which have been breeding in my other smaller tank. Image1497708630.949420.jpg.
Am looking forward to setting up my larger tank soon I just purchased the stand for it now just need some time between work n my little hobby to get it happening.
Though Iv kept fish for a few yrs I'm definitely no expert. In fact I may have made a mistake with a fish purchased today by a fish shop Iv only been to a couple times. And was convinced I'd have no trouble keeping a mono agentus in my community tank despite I thought it was a brackish species. Anyway the owner had in fresh water in the shop and is still OK in my fresh water tank but anyone tell me if Iv made a fatal mistake for the poor fella! Any info much appreciated. Soz for the extra long intro too guys and look for to hearing from some of you inthusiasts out thereImage1497708630.949420.jpg
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