Lunar Aqualight Lighting Schedule

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Oct 23, 2003
St. Louis, Missouri
We just recently upgraded to the Lunar Aqualight 4-65W + 4 LED's.

Is it appropriate to keep both sets of the 10k and actinic 03's on the same schedule or should one type come on / go off before / after the other? Since our previous light fixture was a 50/50, we didn't have the option of controlling each separately.

In addition, is it OK to keep the lunar LED's on until the fixture comes back on the following morning?

Thanks for the help.
I think it all depends on your tastes. I've got my actinics set to come on a 1/2 hour before the 10k, and to stay on an hour later than the 10k. Right or wrong, it seems like a gentler transition for the fish. Also, it give me some time to view corals under just the actinic and see the flourescent colors. But again, it just all depends on your taste.

I've got my lunar lights set to be on all night when the actinics and 10k lights are out. No problems with it. I know some folks that leave their lunar LEDs on 24/7... all the time, just so they don't have to mess with another timer.
I run all mine at once, and I do think it is a personal preference. The other lights cancel out the LEDs when they are on.
Another question on the 50/50 lighting, how long do you keep the lights on for during the day?
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