magnetic powerhead holder

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Nov 22, 2003
Long Island NY
Here is a link to a magnetic powerhead holder.

I have a maxijet 900. This seems like alot of money for something to hold the powerhead. I would think there would be an easy way to make this. Maybe put magnets on the powerhead holder inside the tank and some on the outside. Something like a magnet glass cleaner. Has anyone done this or thought about doing this? If it is simple I would probably try doing it. Thanks!

the first thing that comes to mind is that, IIRC, I paid around$17-20 for my magnetic algae scraper which would be the first thing I would consider using to make one of these. Considering the price for these is $24... i think the $5 to not have to make it myself would be worth it IMO.

Of course if you could get a line on cheaper algae scrapers then it could certainly be worth it. Since bascially all these are made of is the same magnet from the scraper with the mount for the PH superglued to the magnet.
I took some acrylic, bent it and siliconed a magnet to to it. Drilled a hole in the acrylic to mount the PH and another magnet for the outside and I have a magnet holder. That said, I am seeing some degradation of the silicone around the magnet. I have seen a recipe for a 2 part resin mold to make your housing with magnets of your choice. That will be my next project.
I would think that if the magnet is strong enough it is going to either interfere with proper operation of the magnetic drive of the powerhead or cause some possible really bad heating to accur. This could be causing the silicone degrading.
No issues with heat or PH operation. I think if it is enclosed in something more solid it would be fine. many people have used these magnets to mount PH's with. All mine consists of is some silicone smeared over the magnet :)
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