Magnum 350 question

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Nov 19, 2003
McKinney, Tx
I have a magnum 350 and I plan to do this:

And I have used the magnum before to get rid of cloudy water (but w/o the diatom powder) and the only problem I have with it, is the current it creates. No matter how I position the intake and out take it bothers the fish and messes up my plants.

If I use a container (like they did in the link), to keep the powder in the tank, will that help with the strong current as well?
That trick is for priming the filter, after the diatom powder coats itself over the cartridge, you are supposed to take the container out.

Have you tried a spray bar to distribute the current?

How large is the tank?
It's a 75gal.

The Magnum filter isn't its permenant filter (I have an Ehiem canister on it), I just wanted to use this filter to clear up my tank some.
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