Magnum 350 Tubing - Replacement

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Mar 9, 2009
Savannah, GA
Hi all,

I have been going nuts trying to find some replacement tubing for this thing. I am getting ready to relocate it and my tubing is too short and I to replace it.


- Can I go to Home Depot and buy potable water line? I read in one post that this tubing can collapse under the strain of the intake. Anyone have an opinion on that?

If anyone knows where I can get OEM replacement tubing, please post a link! There is nothing on the Marineland site and most of the other fish supply sites (actually found what I am looking for on a Canadian website, but do NOT want to pay the shipping to the US! :D)

Thanks in advance,

Try a good LFS I found replacement tubing for my Fuval 403. They may have to order it.

Any tubing should be food grade and have a thick enough wall that it won't collapse on it's self.

One trick I have used is to find tubing that close to OEM then splice it with a barb or plastic tubing and hose clamps.
I use clear vinyl tubing for mine. I use the thick walled one from HD (~5/8" ID, 13/16" OD) and has no issues with collapse. <They also sell the thin walled vinal hose & those were too soft & kink too easily.>

Note that the thick walled hose will not fit the quick connect, those are designed for thinner walled tubes. I solved the problem by using an exacto knife & shaving off the outside of the tube so that at the ends, the OD for the last 3/4" or so is 3/4" (what the Magnum manual called for). This allows the tubing to slip into the gap of the quick connect & allow the screw threads to catch the hose & lock it in tightly.

This had worked well for me for years ... until I switched to my wet/dry & sump. But I am still using the same hose to connect my return pump.
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