Magnum 350

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mint ranch

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Apr 18, 2008
South Of Tucson, AZ
I have a slightly used magnum 350 canister filter (given to me).

I ordered a new top & o ring, & seal kit ( 3 gaskets) , I still get a head of air in the top of the filter within 2-3 hours. I have bled the air out several times & still keeps happening ? I replaced the tubing as well & using hose clamps on the fittings.

I'm using it as a carbon / sediment filter in conjunction with a UGF on a 125 gallon tank.

Try greasing the top o-ring with Vaseline for better seal.

Also, make sure all intake joints are tight - esp. the connection between the hose & the lid (which I found to be easily loosened), and that the intake is not sucking in air somewhere (bubble wand, etc.)
A little air in there isn't going to hurt anything, as long as it's working and not grinding up the air it'll be fine.
Thanks for the two responses

Thank you for the 2 responses.

I'll keep checking & bleeding out the air, I have used a silicone especially for o Rings.
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