Maxi-Jet 600 or 900 for a 29g? *Updated With Picture*

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Feb 13, 2005
Cedar City, UT
It seems that a pair of 900s would provide the optimum flow, but it would be good to hear from someone who has used this setup. I just don't want to create a hurricane since I hear the Maxi-Jets are powerful.

I plan on keeping the tank a FOWLR for now, but will move into some easy corals within a year or so.
Thank you for that link! I think I will be going with a pair of 900s. I also have a Rio 180(125 gph) in storage if I need to add a little flow in the future.
I have 2 900s on a 30 gallon long (36"x12"x16") and I wouldn't want anything smaller. When I first put them in the tank was empty except for the sand and they were moving the sand around and I thought they were too big. But once the LR was in there the flow seems about right, certainly not excessive unless you're right in front of the outlets.

Here's a pic of mine: you can just see the surface agitation in the middle of the tank at the surface
I have a maxijet 1200 and 900 in my 25-30 gallon tank (not really sure but I'll measure it and find out one of these days). If I were you, I would stick with a pair of 900's as my 1200 delivers a pretty concentrated amount of flow that might be too much for my taste. I think I'll try one of those hydor adapters which distributes the flow around the tank and see how that works out. But then I've read that according to some, you can never have too much flow.
Well, too much flow is when your sand/critters are being blown all over the place. LOL!
It's funny, I always hear all the chatter about flow in reef tanks, how much is too much etc. etc. Well, last week I was snorkeling on a patch reef off Key largo and let me tell you the current speed was phenomenally high! Strong enough you could barely swim into it at some points and no way you could get near the reef crest without being bashed into the coral. But there were lots of fish and sea fans and hard coral and they all looked pretty happy!
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