Maybe the best purchase I have made.

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Sorry for the delay but I have been busy with jobs and etc., plus the aquarium. First off as far lighting time and coral I do not have any coral now. Trying to let the tank settle out first. I checked my water parameters 2 more times and still 0's or not detected. With that being said I decided to clean my substrate wasn't sure about doing it. I have really arguments on both sides of this "to clean or not to clean". I removed around 1/2" or so of the substrate with 5 gallons of water. I have about a 3 1/2"- 4" base. Holy cow that I was surprised out how dirty it was. The water was almost black. I strained out the substrate put the snails back in the tank then rinsed the substrate out several times with ro water. Then put it back in along with a 10g water exchange with a slightly elevated calcium level.

We have been clear since and the cyano is disappearing from everything. So I guess I will clean my substrate more often and purchase some more cleaners for it.

Thanks again for everyones info.
If your substrate is getting dirty then you need more flow. The sand should not be collecting anything. I don't even vacuum my substrate in my sw tanks.
Cyano not back yet. Not sure about vacuuming and how often I will do it but it really seems to have a difference. Maybe do it again if needed. I did purchase 2 sand sifting stars fish hopefully this will aid in keeping it clean along with snails and hermits.

The circulation for my 55g tank is:
Circulation pumps
1x 500gpm
1x 700gpm

Powerhead 200gpm

Overflow box with 500g return pump from 29 g refuge.
How are your powerheads positioned? The key is finding the sweet spot to avoide build up on the sand. ANd two star fish? You are gonna be lucky if they both dont die. They have a tendency to go deep under the sand bed and die there when they run out of food. Noe THAT can be an issue. That's the reason why I don't have any in not one of my tanks. I'd like one but the dying under the sand thing has me put off. lol
My tank is just over 3 months old but it cycled out quickly, by parameter #'s, and been holding steady.
Those starfish are going to strip ir sand bed Pf everything.
mr_X said:
Nothing to strip. They will just die hungry.

Care to elaborate on that one? I have one in my 90. Just wondering if I should be concerned. Came with the tank when I got it had it for 16 months now, he's still doing fine
If youre talking an established tank with a healthy sanbed thats been up for a while then the starfish can be fine. Most tanks don't have the food within the sandbed to sustain one for very long usually.
A brand new tank has nothing to eat in the sand bed for the starfish. While people claim they get their sand sifting starfish to eat meaty foods, I have never seen this first hand, nor have I ever heard of this until I came to AA.
They eat micro fauna deep in the sand bed. They also eat a sand bed "dead".
It takes months for them to starve, and then they disintegrate, which most people think was caused by some crab attack or something.
That's what I read and wanted one till I found out the same info Mr x stated. There are better options out there I don't but sand siftinfmg stars or the blue royal stars as they are pretty much the same
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